'02–'09 VFR800 (6th-gen)

Future-proof your VFR by bolting on 55-65% more power...

Introduced in 2002, the 6th-generation VFR800 took the best bits of the 5th-gen, added an under-seat exhaust and the first large-scale implementation of VTEC, and wrapped them all in a fresh, sharp-edged package. Albeit heavier than the bike it replaced, the 6th-gen is equipped with a better suspension and even more technological advances, making it a perfect bike for a blast through the twisties or across state lines.


Time waits for no man (or machine), though, so what's a V4 lover to do when their beloved 800 suddenly seems a bit lacking in the power department compared to newer motorcycles?


Enter the A&A Performance Supercharger Kit. Without changing any major internals, and with the ability to perform the installation yourself, you can have a bike that will keep pace with brand new liter-bikes for less than half the cost. Best of all, you retain all the rideability & exclusivity you currently enjoy, but with significantly more oomph should you feel the urge.


Kit Features:

• Rotrex C15-60 Centrifugal Supercharger
• 10psi boost at sea level, running on 93 octane pump gas
• Strong & lightweight anodized aluminum componentry
• Billet airbox with carbon fiber inlet hat
• Hard-coat anodized pulleys with outboard bearing support
• Gates PowerGrip GT2 synchronous belt
• Walbro high-flow fuel pump
• High-strength crankshaft interconnect
• High-speed sealed bearings
• K&N filters
• NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
• Bosch bypass valve
• Silicone hose with stainless clamps
• Heavy-duty clutch springs
• OEM Honda gaskets
• All necessary relocation brackets
• Stainless hardware
• Full instruction manual
• Custom fuel map


This is the real deal...

This kit is not some thrown together mess of parts; it is a thoroughly engineered, road tested and tuned system that was meant to be installed by the average enthusiast and will increase the power of your bike by a legitimate 55-65%.


While certainly not meant for beginners, the power produced is remarkably controllable and instant in nature. Thanks to the vacuum operated bypass valve, part throttle cruising and light acceleration are unchanged from stock and gas mileage is only affected under heavy acceleration.


With nearly silent overall operation and the ability to hide under the stock fairings, the installed kit is virtually indistinguishable from a stock setup. Low maintenance requirements and choice component selection ensure reliable operation for years to come, along with more guaranteed smiles per mile than anything else you can buy for your bike.


What else do I need?

A right-hand side radiator from a '98-'01 VFR800 is necessary for the operation of this kit, and a Power Commander III is required for tuning purposes, but all other major components are included. It is recommended that any parts in poor shape be replaced, and vital fluids (oil, coolant) be changed as well.


You will need basic sets of metric & standard tools (screwdrivers, sockets, open-end wrenches, hex keys), a torque wrench, cutting shears/Dremel tool, files, pliers, and a 15/64" drill.


While certainly not necessary, an aftermarket slip-on exhaust will help your hungry engine produce even more power acoss its entire powerband. A boost gauge is not included, and component polishing is available upon request.


The Bottom Line

If you love your bike but catch yourself eyeing newer machines sporting greater power, this is the mod for you. With this kit, you retain all the benefits of owning a VFR without dropping a fortune on a new bike, plus you get the perks of piloting a supercharged motorcycle — definitely not an everyday occurance in this run-of-the-mill world.


Kits are currently discontinued...